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1958 Fulda S4

Fuldamobil S-6 C1957








$27,899 AUD


28,878 miles showing





Fuldamobil S-6 C1957

Karl Schmitt’s reluctance to produce the S-1, and its sale to NWF, who fitted it with an unsuitable motor, did not sit well with Fuldamobil designer Norbert Stevenson. With low pay and a 5 member family to feed, the future was uncertain. Stevenson decamped to join a group developing a three wheeler with remarkably similarities to the Fuldamobil, called the Pinguin.

The Fitchel & Sachs 191 cubic centimeter motor was first fitted to the S-3 prototypes gave a more sporting driving feeling to the Fuldamobil. The motor, while in most respects identical to the Messerschmitt’s, was not a direct swap, as it had a different side-exit muffler and a different gearing to deal with the considerably heavier 827 pound dry weight of the Fuldamobil.

The weight had a great deal to do with the heavy welded tube chassis. Stevensen had spent a great deal of time on the front axle,suspension and steering. He developed a very modern concept, that of Negative Steering Roll Radius, which reduced steering effort and kickback and has only recently been seen on Mercedes S class cars.

With Stevenesen gone the new works manager was free to eliminate the expensive process involved in making the front axle.The redesigned chassis was the essential characteristic of the New S6model, built from October 1958. The car was also available in a 3 wheeler version and could optionally be fitted with hand controls. 

The curvaceous aluminium bodywork remained the same. The small bullseye window in the opening rear hatch had severely restricted rearward vision on previous models. The new model replaced the entire opening hatch with a large fixed plexiglass rear window which opened up a panoramic rear view and gave the S-6 an immediately distinguishable feature.

This example has come from South Africa where they were licenced to be produced making it a very rare Right Hand Drive example.

A very limited production Micro Car with very few remaining examples