1958 BMW iSetta 300




iSetta 300




$38,899 AUD


57,989 miles showing




35434H (NT)

1958 BMW iSetta 300

The Isetta was a true peoples car manufactured by various firms worldwide under license from the original creator Italy’s Iso. The most famous was of course BMW, which took the original Isetta design, developed it with their typical efficiency and skill, and gave it the blessing of their large- scale marketing efforts. BMW made the Isetta “cheap chic” which was popular among the fashion set as it was among those seeking economy.

This car is destined to become one of the best loved micro cars of all time. All Isetta’s had a sunroof to enable occupants to escape should someone park to close to the front opening door. A variety of specifications were available for different countries requirements.The US export version had 7″ headlamps and nerf bars, while the tropical version and door grills and the 3 wheelers wer built for England and Austria.

Although the Isetta spawned an entire wave of European bubble cars in the 1950″s, the BMW’s only true competitor became the Fiat 500 Nuova.

This European spec Sliding window model is a very rare RHD version and a rare opportunity for any collector